• TX-156 Weight Control

    Do you have problems losing weight? Do you find it hard to follow diets? Do you have difficulty keeping weight off? TX-156 Weight Control App is designed to help you control your weight and become thinner naturally by stimulating your aerobic strength and metabolism rate.

  • TX-227 Relax

    Do you sometimes find it difficult to relax and calm yourself? Does the stress in your daily life impede your ability to cool down and relax? TX-227 Relax Apps relieve the muscles and nervous system, enabling you to relax properly.

  • TX-234 Sleep

    Do you have difficulty falling asleep or waking up in the morning? Do you often have an uneasy sleep or feel underslept? Do you experience restlessness, insomnia or nightmares? TX-234 Sleep App is designed to assist in promoting calm and restful sleep.

  • TX-189 Mental Focus

    Do you struggle with lack of focus, brain fog, inability to concentrate or keep attentive while working or conversing with people? Do you find yourself distracted and unable to slow your brain down so you can relax? TX-189 Mental Focus Apps are designed to alleviate these imbalances by supporting and balancing the brain and nervous system functions.

Fasting Iniates Survival Mode For The Organism

Researchers from the University of Southern California have come to an interesting conclusion after analysing stem cells in the human organism. Stem cells are the basis of all cells in the organism such as blood cells or muscle cells.

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